Information about the clinic

Dr Louise Newson runs a regular private menopause clinic at Parkway Hospital in Solihull for women with symptoms of the menopause. The main aim of the clinic is for women to be able to discuss their symptoms and concerns in detail and then to be given individualised advice regarding the management of their menopause.

All women will be given time to discuss their symptoms and have a full assessment, especially regarding their cardiovascular and osteoporosis risk factors.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will be discussed at length and the type and dose of HRT given will depend on each individual woman. The majority of the HRT used in this clinic is body identical HRT which means that both the oestrogen and the progesterone are the identical to those in your body.

Some women will be given testosterone and this will be discussed in detail in the clinic.

If relevant, contraceptive advice will also be given to women.

Practical points about the clinic:
  • You can refer yourself to this clinic, so you do not need to have a GP referral.
  • You do not need a letter of referral from your GP, although this can be useful.
  • You should bring a list of any medication you are currently taking (including any tablets you have bought) with you to your clinic appointment.
  • Should you have any relevant medical notes or results of previous treatments and investigations it would be helpful if you could bring these with you.
  • If you have medical insurance, please confirm with your insurance company, prior to the appointment, if you are fully covered. Please be aware that insurance companies do not usually pay for menopause related problems.
  • Any personal and medical information is encrypted and stored remotely in the cloud by a specialised patient management system.